Resocialization service in the social housing unit

Resocialization in the social housing unit is a social service, the aim of which is to improve the coping ability of a person or a family in a way to ensure that they are able to cope independently in society. More information is available on the homepage of the Tallinn Social Work Centre

  • Where to start

    To apply for a place in a social accommodation unit, contact the social welfare department of the district where you reside according to the Population Register. To apply for a shelter place for persons with coping problems, contact the social workers in the social accommodation unit at Akadeemia street 34. To receive the service provided by the Social Welfare Centre of Tallinn, contact the service provider at Suur-Sõjame 6.

    Personal identification

    Have an identity document with you.

    What to do with the form

    Give it to a customer service employee.


    Aiding the independent ability to cope.

    What to do when the result is unsatisfactory:

    Find another form of housing.

    Tallinna Sotsiaaltöö Keskus/ Sotsiaalmajutusüksus

    • Address:

      Varre tn 7

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    • Comment:

      Üksuse juht 601 4834
      Sotsiaalassistent 601 4439                           

    • 24 hours

  • Tallinna Sotsiaaltöö Keskus

    Name Unit Price
    Resotsialiseerimisteenus majutusega 2-kohalises toas Ööpäev 1.33 €
    Resotsialiseerimisteenus majutusega 2-kohalises toas, kuutasu Kuu 40.00 €
    Resotsialiseerimisteenus majutusega 3-kohalises toas, 24h Ööpäev 1.17 €
    Resotsialiseerimisteenus majutusega 3-kohalises toas, kuutasu Kuu 35.00 €
    Resotsialiseerimisteenus majutusega 4-5 kohalises toas, kuutasu Kuu 30.00 €
    Resotsialiseerimisteenus majutusega 4- ja enama kohalises toas, 24h Ööpäev 1.00 €
    Pesu kuivatamine (1 masinatäis) tk 1.00 €
    Pesu pesemine 1 masinatäis tk 1.00 €
    Pesu pesemine ja kuivatamine 1 masinatäis tk 2.00 €
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